The second Conference of Traditional Cooks will take place from April 25 to 28 in Oaxaca , “to establish a gastronomic benchmark that draws international attention towards Oaxaca,” said the local coordinator of Culture, Tourism, and Economy, Adriana Aguilar.

In this edition, over 100 cooks from across eight regions of the state will participate, in addition to 30 craftsmen who will showcase their traditional cookware designs.

Moreover, the conference will also assign 30 booths to promote organic Oaxacan products.

For her part, traditional cook Celia Florían, delegate of the Conservatory of Mexican Gastronomic Culture and president of the Association of Traditional Cooks, said the aim of the conference is to showcase the cultural diversity of Oaxaca.

Cooks will also offer courses on traditional cuisine, including the famous pozole Triqui (an ethnic dish from the Triqui people), the caldo de piedra (“stone soup”, a pre-Hispanic dish), and tamales .

The conference will also feature a presentation on mezcal by the Ibero-American University and talks by a nutritionist for children on “The importance of eating Mexican food” and the key role beans and corn play in Oaxacan cuisine.

The activities are part of the 486th anniversary of the City of Oaxaca and as a way to reinforce the decision of the UNESCO of naming Mexican cuisine an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


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