In 1992, Enrique Peña Nieto co-founded a company called Plasti-Estéril along with his family. During Peña Nieto’s presidency, the company benefited from contracts granted to Baxter International Inc. , which amount to MXN 12,170,104,242.

Through subsidiary Baxter, the pharmaceutical emporium has benefitted from contracts awarded by federal and state health authorities in the last two decades.

The Peña family business produces sterile plastic for medical use. It was founded in Atlacomulco , in the state of Mexico. The founding members include former President ; his father, Enrique Peña del Mazo ; his uncle Arturo Peña del Mazo ; his brother Arturo Peña Nieto , and Víctor Manuel Monroy Naime .

Plasti-Estéril has a manufacturing plant in Atlacomulco. The company specializes in the manufacturing, distribution, commercialization, and import of sterile plastic products used in the pharmaceutical industry and hospitals .

The plant is located in Ingeniero Salvador Sánchez Colín 9, the same address as Baxter .

EL UNIVERSAL obtained legal documents that link both companies; moreover, through a search in Compranet , journalists found public resources granted to the pharmaceutical company.

Through this information, it was revealed that Baxter obtained hundreds of government contracts between 2013 and 2018, earning over MXN 1000 million per year. However, the amount multiplied in 2015: the company earned MXN over MXN 5000 million.

Documents show that Peña Nieto’s family company, Plasti-Estéril, is a sister company that belongs to Grupo Corporativo Baxter , along with Baxter and Plasti-Estéril Servicios.

This is how Víctor Alonso Pedroza Campom Báxter’s legal representative described the alliance between the companies during an awards ceremony hosted by the Economy Ministry in 2014. Peña Nieto granted the award to the company himself for being an “example of excellence.”

Pedroza Campo is from Colombia and he’s linked to the foundation of several pharmaceutical companies in Panama .

Ángel Alfonso Molina Moreno

is a legal representative for both Plasti-Estéril and Baxter. At least 30 other collaborators are legal representatives for the two companies.

According to records from the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property ( IMPI ), one month after stepped down as Governor of the State of Mexico in October 2011, Plasti-Estéril handed the proprietary rights over to U.S. company Baxter International Inc.


According to government platform Compranet , Baxter has received government contracts since 2002; nevertheless, it gained notoriety 10 years later when it was awarded contracts worth millions as a supplier for the , ISSSTE , and hospitals under the Health Ministry, Sedena, and Pemex.

Once Enrique Peña Nieto t ook office in 2013, the pharmaceutical emporium obtained 84 contracts for over MXN 1,025 million; it 2014, the company was awarded 210 contracts and earned over MXN 1,695 million.

In 2015, Baxter obtained 190 contracts worth over MXN 5000 million.

In 2016, Baxter was awarded 125 contracts for MXN 1,149,671,265; in 2017, the company earned MXN 1,159,982,506 through 288 contracts. By the end of Peña Nieto’s presidency, in 2018, the company obtained 150 contracts for MXN 1,470,192,038.

Baxter continued to obtain government contracts in 2019, during Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s presidency. The company obtained 132 contracts for MXN 1,136,374,018. Until April 2020, Baxter had been awarded 62 contracts for MXN 240,730,281.

During his daily news conference, President López Obrador said that the case must be investigated, find out if the was involved, and find out if the company continues operating and if it has been awarded contracts by the current f ederal government. López Obrador said that authorities must investigate f the contracts were awarded through tenders of it they were directly awarded.



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