Claudia Sheinbaum vs. Marcelo Ebrard

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Claudia Sheinbaum vs. Marcelo Ebrard
Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard are interested in the presidency - Photo: Anahí García
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Claudia Sheinbaum vs. Marcelo Ebrard

Sources said two potential presidential candidates, Claudia Sheinbaum and Marcelo Ebrard, will face their first round for the 2024 candidacy. Insiders said Sheinbaum’s team is hoping the Electoral Tribunal invalidates the survey method to appoint the new Morena national leader because this method would benefit Mario Delgado, who has ties to Ebrard. Their intention is that in case the tribunal invalidates the survey method, Alfonso Ramírez Cuéllar remains in power. Nevertheless, if things don’t change, Delgado could win, strengthening Ebrard.

Lawmakers believe someone is spying on them

Yesterday, the lower chamber rehearsed the use of a new tool that would allow lawmakers to vote on their phones. Sources said Dulce María Sauri and other 69 lawmakers participated. Nevertheless, some groups had safety and privacy concerns over the use of these phones, which were provided and configured by lower chamber staff; moreover, lawmakers must pay MXN 5,700 for each equipment. Everything went well during the rehearsal; nevertheless, several lawmakers distrust the equipment because they believe it could be used to spy them.

Mexico will test the Russian vaccine

After some government sectors were taken by surprise when Dr. Hugo López-Gatell discredited the virtual forum organized by the Russian government to discuss Sputnik-V, its vaccine against COVID-19, sources said López-Gatell is now in talks with Landsteiner to start a complex and difficult process to test the vaccine in Mexico. They said representatives for the pharmaceutical company met with Dr. López-Gatell, which went well, and they even scheduled more meetings. This is a step in the right direction. 

The 2021 electoral race at Morena

Contenders who want to represent Morena in the 2021 electoral race for 15 governorships are ready to fight. Just ask senator Cristóbal Arias Solís, who recently came under fire after it was revealed he physically attacked his wife in 2005. Insiders said Arias Solís was considered as one of the strongest contenders for Michoacán, but some party members want to position someone else. Who is next?.