Now that Mexican food has become one of the world's favorite culinary traditions , have become even more popular among tourists and foodies .

The story behind churros

Churros are one of the most popular desserts in Mexico City but did you know its origin is still unclear? However, it is believed that they were created by the Portuguese and the Spanish .


are made using wheat flour, water, vanilla extract, cinnamon, and salt. The batter is then fried and voilà! Then the churros are rolled in sugar and usually paired with hot chocolate , champurrado , or .

In Mexico City , you can find street vendors selling churros all over the city but there is a traditional churrería that has stolen the hearts of Mexicans and foreigners .

Mexico City's most famous churros

, the most popular churrería in Mexico, was founded by Francisco Iriarte in 1935 after he moved from Spain to Mexico.

The churrería started as a street stall in 1933 , which Iriarte placed in the Zócalo , the city's main square and as the delicious fried dough gained popularity, Iriarte was able to open El Moro in 1935 .

Since 1935, this churro place has become a favorite among locals and tourists, including comedian Cantinflas , writers Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz , among others.


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