The Chapultepec park , located in Mexico City , was awarded the gold award from the Large Urban Parks Gold Award , a prize organized by the World Urban Parks association . This means that Chapultepec is among the 80 best parks in the world thanks to its design, characteristics, and facilities, as well as for its management and public space management.

According to the World Urban Parks association , Chapultepec is a “7 square km green lung to millions of people” and it was also “officially designated as an Area of Environmental Value with category of Urban Forest , (Chapultepec) is the Natural Monument of greatest importance to Mexico City for its historical, tourist, cultural, and environmental significance . The environmental services that offer to the City are wide-ranging. It's the principal regulator of the quality of the air. Has virtually unique cultural options; its museums, educational and sportive spaces provides multiple locations for rest and leisure; for reading and music and areas where flora and fauna can be appreciated for everybody.”

Mexico City mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum,

celebrated the international award and said that the Chapultepec park is a space that represents Mexico's natural and historical richnes s in each one of its spaces.

On the other hand, the local Environment Minister, Marina Robles García , announced that the World Urban Parks association will formally give the award to the Chapultepec park on October 19 during a ceremony that will take place in Russia .

The president of the Probosque de Chapultepec trust , Sharon Fastlicht Kurian , recognized the local government's effort to promote the creation of the trust and called society to join r ehabilitation projects to improve the most important park in the city.

The World Urban Park associatio n also recognized the efforts made so that the Chapultepec park is “restored to its full potential providin g recreation, culture, history , and biodiversity .”


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