Cartel leader ‘El Lunares’ is arrested minutes after being released from prison

The Unión Tepito Cartel distributes drugs and extorts and kidnaps business owners

Cartel leader ‘El Lunares’ is arrested minutes after being released from prison
Local security forces arrested the notorious drug cartel leader on January 31 - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL
English 10/02/2020 13:22 Newsroom Mexico City Claudia González, Kevin Ruíz, David Fuentes Actualizada 13:32
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After a federal judge ordered the release of Óscar Andrés Flores, aka El Lunares, the leader of Mexico City drug cartel La Unión Tepito, Mexico City authorities waited outside the prison to arrest the criminal once again.

This time, El Lunares was detained after an arrest warrant was issued against him for kidnapping. After his second arrest, he was taken to a prison in Mexico City.

Minutes after he was released from a maximum-security prison, the criminal was surrounded by 35 officials.

Security forces await the release of the drug cartel leader - Photo: Jorge Alvarado/EL UNIVERSAL

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The infamous criminal was released after a federal judge found inconsistencies and contradictions in the arrest and the report issued by Mexico City authorities and the Navy, which launched a special operation to arrest Óscar Andrés Flores in the state of Hidalgo on January 31.

On February 9, during his initial hearing, the judge said the evidence against a notorious criminal is solid enough to continue with the trial and the judge ruled El Lunares will remain in prison during his trial.

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The Unión Tepito Drug Cartel

This cartel operates mainly in Mexico City, where it distributes all kinds of drugs, extorts and kidnaps business owners. In recent years, it has sparked a wave of violence in the Mexican capital and is involved in a bloody war with its rival, the Fuerza Anti Unión Cartel, since 2018.

In 2019, Mexico City authorities raided a building linked to the local cartel, where they found human remains, skulls, bones, and a fetus, which were placed on a witchcraft altar.

The Unión Tepito Cartel often bribes police officers in exchange for information. In Mexico, rampant corruption is one of the main reasons behind the surge in violence and crime.

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