Carrington: Feminist, ecologist, and artist

On April 21, the Museum of Modern Art opens an exhibition with over 200 works of the artist

Carrington: Feminist, ecologist, and artist of her time
Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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Museum of Modern Art will present this April 21 "Leonora Carrington. Cuentos Mágicos" (“Leonora Carrington. Magic Tales") an exhibition on the lesser-known sides of the sculptor, painter, and writer, which will run until September 23.

“Leonora Carrington. Magic Tales” closes the tributes over the 100th birth anniversary of the English artist.

(The exhibition gathers over 200 works of the artists – Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL)

The exhibition, divided into eight sections and a photo gallery, gathers over 200 works out of which 166 were produced in Mexico, 42 in the United States, and 19 in Great Britain.

It also includes never-seen-before works, such as a folding screen painted with mythical creatures, a tarot, posters for feminist groups in New York, a protest painting she did after the Tlatelolco Massacre, and the letters she wrote to Renato Leduc, Mexican diplomat and poet whom she married in 1942.

(Most of the works were made in Mexico – Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL)

The rooms show Carrington during her beginnings as a painter, her life in France and New York, her love for animals, and her approach to religion. There also works which reflect her contact with Mexico and the mural she did for the Anthropology Museum.

The exhibition aims to show how Carrington wasn't an artist locked up in an ivory tower but that she was committed to the world she lived in – an artist of her time, convinced of being a feminist and an ecologist, a creator who interpreted the world in her own way.


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