Cannabidiol products launched in Mexico

The products are made with plants from California and are approved by Cofepris

Cannabidiol products launched in Mexico
Cannabidiol helps relieve body pain – Photo: Taken from CBD Life’s Facebook account
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Just as in other countries, such as Canada, in Mexico, entrepreneurial initiatives are starting to develop around cannabidiol.

The Mexican company CBD Life, founded by Janko Ruiz de Chávez, launched a series of products based on cannabidiol. It is the CBD Life balm that helps to relieve muscle pain, and Foria, a stimulant for women.

CBD Life celebrated the launch of its products with an event attended by businessmen, socialités, artists, and celebrities like the president of HempMeds, Raúl Elizalde.

To live the CBD Life experience, people could access three stands where it was explained in detail the uses and benefits of each product. The balms have three presentations: cold, warm and calming.

For its elaboration, plants from California are used and they go through a maceration process; then, they are distilled to obtain the cannabidiol, and it is combined with plants like aloe vera and thus is produced the base for each cream.

The cold balm helps relieve pain from hits; the calming balm is for swelling, and the warm is for people who want to warm muscles or blood vessels.

A shaman greeted those attending the event and told them that the plant was used in ancient times to relieve body pain.

The Foria stand had low pink lights showed the product that comes from the U.S. and is a sexual stimulant for women.

For the president of HempMeds, Raúl Elizalde, it is a good thing for this market to open in Mexico and urged society not to think these products are psychoactive.

Elizalde is the father of Grace, the girl who suffers from Lennox Gastaut syndrome, which causes her convulsions, for which he obtained the license of the Supreme Court to import a medicine made from cannabis.

“Congratulations. It is good for companies to have these products because it’s for the benefit of Mexicans and we hope that in the future there will be products made in the country. I’d like people to know that cannabidiol is not the same as made from cannabis; we must break those taboos; these products cannot be used negatively,” said the businessman.

From the third week of August, the balms, mariguanol and Foria will be in the Mexican market in more than 40,000 points of sale; they will be available online and in different drugstores, as well as in department and health food stores.

The cosmetic products were approved by the Federal Commission for the Protection from Sanitary Risks (Cofepris) and food supplements are awaiting for regulation.


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