17 | AGO | 2019
Canal Once vs. the INE
Lorenzo Córdova, the head of the INE - Photo: Lucia Godínez/EL UNIVERSAL

Canal Once vs. the INE

Mexico City
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Canal Once vs. the INE

President López Obrador daily press conference has caused friction between Canal Once, a public broadcaster, and the National Electoral Institute, led by Lorenzo Córdova because the TV channel is broadcasting the President's press conference during electoral times. We've been told that what surprised the electoral counselors is the response issued by Dr. Felipe Neri López Veneroni, who seems to have forgotten the differences between state and government. The broadcast of the press conferences “is part of the policies of the new federal government Canal Once is part of,” argued Felipe Neri. Pamela San Martín, an INE counselor, responded by stating that the public broadcaster is part of the Mexican state and therefore transcends the current administration.

The Federal Police's new chief

There will be changes among the security chiefs in the country today. We've been told that General Luis Rodríguez Bucio, the head of the National Guard, will take of the Federal Police, led by Arturo Jiménez Martínez. We've been told that the act will take at the Federal Police offices; nevertheless, the future of Arturo Jiménez is uncertain, although he could be appointed as the Undersecretary at the Security and Citizen Protection Ministry.

The ISSSTE needs urgent aid

A few days ago, ad we previously revealed, union leaders representing public servants held an emergency meeting to analyze some points in the national agenda, mainly the ISSSTE's financial situation. We've been told that between the agreements reached by the leadership, led by Joel Ayala, is the initiative to urge the federal government to immediately implement the 2019 budget for the medical area of the ISSSTE and, in general, to the health sector in the country, which has been through an unexplainable money drought ordered by the Finance Ministry. Obviously, this is s respectful for call action. Will the 4th Transformation listen to the leaders of the bureaucrats?

The PRD will lose another member

We've been told that Juan Zepeda the “rockstar” and former candidate to the State of Mexico, is also deserting the PRD and joining MC. We've been told Zepeda will announce his decision in September. Meanwhile, the PRD leader in the Senate, Miguel Ángel Mancera, claims that although there are only three senators left, the bench will prevail, as there is a rule that allows it. In any case, it will be very easy to appoint everyone, there will be a coordinator and two vice-coordinators.


The mystery surrounding the Puebla election

Under Reserve features fact-checked news written by journalists and contributors to EL UNIVERSAL
The mystery surrounding the Puebla electionThe mystery surrounding the Puebla election



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