On January 10, members of the Mexican army, the National Guard, and Michoacán state police were involved in a shooting with members of the (CJNG), perhaps the most violent and bloody Mexican .

According to reports, authorities arrested 8 gunmen and María Guadalupe López Esquivel, the infamous “La Catrina,” died in hospital hours later.

The shooting took place in La Bocanada, a community located in Tepalcatepec, in the state of Michocán. This region has been besieged by crime and drug trafficking in recent decades.

Before the incident, the cartel blocked the Apatzingán-Aguililla road in order to prevent the security forces from entering the community. However, security forces dismantled the blockade minutes later and the shooting ensued. The army and police officers overpowered the members and transported them to a safer area.

According to a document released by , the CJNG : "rose to prominence between 2013 and 2015 and is currently deemed by many analysts to be the most dangerous and largest Mexican cartel ."

According to the document, the CJNG was originally known as the " Zeta Killers " and was created in 2011 . The group is mainly based in Jalisco and operates in Colima , Michoacán , México State , Guerrero , and Guanajuato . It was an ally of the until 2014.

The leader is Rubén Oseguera Cervantes , aka “El Mencho,” who is wanted by Mexican and U.S. authorities. According to some analysts, the CJNG has operations throughout the Americas , Asia , and Europe .

CJNG: Mexico’s bloodiest cartel


obtained by EL UNIVERSAL shows that Miguel Fernández , also known as “El M2,” one of the leaders of the CJNG cartel , tells his gunmen to shoot the army after the security forces detained two gunmen. “El M2” also asked the gunmen to rescue the two criminals who were arrested.

According to reports, this is the same criminal group that on October 14, 2019 , killing 13 agents and wounding other 9.

Authorities kill murderess and arrest cartel members in Michoacán
Authorities kill murderess and arrest cartel members in Michoacán

Photo: Enrique Castro/AFP

On October 15, 2019, EL UNIVERSAL revealed that “La Catrina” carried out the ambush against the local security forces.


Who was “La Catrina”?

María Guadalupe López Esquivel was a 21-year-old assassin and member of the , a drug cartel that has wreaked havoc in Michoacán, Jalisco, and several other states. She died on January 10 during a shooting between cartel gunmen and security forces.

According to reports started a relationship with a member of the CJNG in 2017 and joined the criminal group and started working for “El M2,” one of the main cartel leaders.

It is believed the woman was in charge of paying fellow criminals, was an assassin, extorted, and kidnapped people.


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