An austere grocery shopping trip

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An austere grocery shopping trip
Dolores Padierna is not used to austerity - Photo: Berenice Fregoso/EL UNIVERSAL
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An austere grocery shopping trip

As many people in the country, Dolores Padierna, Morena's current Senator and elected Deputy, used Sunday to go grocery shopping. Nevertheless, Mrs. Dolores, who is trying to earn praise in order to become the bench's coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, is still working on her austerity. And while it's true that she arrived in a compact car, similar to the one used by the future President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; in this case, Padierna was driven by a chauffeur. The chauffeur opened the door for her and patiently waited for her in the parking lot. Also, the elected Deputy went to a supermarket called City Market, which some Morena members could consider as “posh” because of the imported foods and wines that it offers. But as Rome wasn't built in a day, austerity will be applied little by little, until chauffeurs are no longer used on Sundays, and the legislators will dare use their own cars. And if AMLO, as President, decides not to change his car, the reign of the Suburban and bulletproof trucks will have come to an end.

Moreno Valle's marbles

In the political jargon, it's said that someone has to know how many marbles they have and how many marbles their enemies have if they want to access a certain position. In the case of the battle for the PAN's presidency, we're told that Rafael Moreno Valle, one of the contenders, has carried out several studies to find out what kind of support, or marbles, he has. We're told that a poll made by Mendoza Blanco y Asociados between July 28-30 among PAN members, places Mr. Rafael the candidate who would receive the majority of the votes. The former Puebla Governor, according to the research, would obtain 37.7% of the votes, while the Chihuahua Governor, Javier Corral, would get 15.7%, Carlos Medina Plascencia would get 12.3%. In the same poll Marko Cortés obtained 9.8%; Ernesto Ruffo, 6.8%; Roberto Gil Zuarth, 5.5%; Juan Carlos Romero Hicks, 5%; Héctor Larios, 2.8%; Jorge Luis Preciado, 2.5%, and Francisco Búrquez 1.9%. According to Moreno Valle's team, he's completely certain that his wife's triumph, Puebla's elected-Governor, will be supported by the electoral tribunal. Does the former Governor and elected Senator have enough marbles?

The unknown Lobo

Last Sunday in this space, we told you about a man named Samuel Lobo arrived at Andrés Manuel López Obrador's office. Samuel Lobo, who as president of International Affairs of the Coparmex, tried to talk to AMLO about topics related to the NAFTA. Nevertheless, we're told that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Coparmex's National President, Gustavo de Hoyos, that Mr. Samuel has no business with the organization, not in international matter or in any other kind, and that the only one with the faculties to represent the Coparmex in regards to international matters are José Ignacio Mariscal Torroella, the International Affairs and Work National Vice-president, as well as Rodrigo Moreno González, International Affairs counselor. By the way, Mr. Gustavo says that the Coparmex hasn't arranged a meeting with the future President, or his team, with the specific purpose to discuss the NAFTA. So, beware of the wolf!

Morena's coordinators

We're told that in the incoming days, Yeidckol Polevnsky. Morena's president will call on her Senators and Federal Deputies to officially name their parliamentary coordinators. In the Senate, it'll be Ricardo Monreal, who has the presidential blessing; and in Congress, there are for candidates to led Morena's bench-road roller, but Mario Delgado is leading the preferences among the elected deputies. We're told that one of his strengths is his knowledge in financial themes, which will be transcendental during the next legislative period to get ahead with the reforms proposed by López Obrador.