Arrest warrant issued against former Governor who ordered the torture of journalist Lydia Cacho

Lydia Cacho released a book denouncing a pederasty and pedophilia network, where Kamel Nacif was involved

Arrest warrant issued against former Governor who ordered the torture of journalist Lydia Cacho
Mario Marín (left) and Kamel Nacif (right) colluded to detain and torture the journalist - Photo: Left: File Photo/EL UNIVERSAL, Right: Elizabeth Ruiz/EFE
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A federal tribunal issued an arrest warrant against Mario Plutarco Marín Torres, a former Puebla Governor; Hugo Adolfo Karam Beltrán, a former state police chief; Juan Sánchez Moreno, the former director of the now-defunct group of injunctions, and José Kamel Nacif Borge, a businessman who negotiated with Mario Marín, in order to protect pedophile Jean Succar Kuri. They are accused of torturing journalist Lydia Cacho.

Sources from the federal government confirmed that on April 11, a magistrate in Quintana Roo revoked an agreement issued by a judge, where he refused to issue an arrest warrant against the former officials, the businessman, and the former Governor.

As a result, the Federal Prosecutor's Office has been ordered to search and arrest the culprits. The judge has been ordered to fulfill the resolution and solve the issue regarding the political immunity of some of the culprits.

Journalist Lydia Cacho has been notified about the resolution.

The arrest warrants are linked to the torture of Lydia Cacho, who was detained in 2005, when he published her book The Demons of Eden (Los Demonios del Edén), where she revealed the existence of a pederasty and pedophile network led by Jean Succar Kuri, and where Kamel Nacif was involved.

You can read the transcript of a phone call between convicted pedophile Jean Succar Curi and Kamel Nacif, where they discuss "fornicating" with a "Miami girl" and buying a plane ticket for a girl in El Salvador.

That same year, the journalist was arrested in Quintana Roo and transported to Puebla, where police officers beat her and threatened to rape her, as ordered by Kamel Nacif.

A year later, media outlets leaked the recording of a phone call between Kamel Nacif and the former Puebla Governor, where they agreed to collude to detain Cacho, torture her, and for her to be sexually abused in jail.


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