Anaya, AMLO's A+ student

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Ricardo Anaya (left) and Andrés Manuel López Obrador (right) - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
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Anaya, AMLO's A+ student

The national leader of the conservative National Action Party (PAN) seems to have attended the political school of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) and to have excelled in the course “Advance Plots III”. Young Mr. Ricardo learned his lesson well: blame the media when you're unable to provide a coherent explanation for your finances and that of your relatives, who in 14 years have amassed a fortune in companies and real estates in the state of Querétaro, as this newspaper has informed. As you may know, AMLO is also a master in blaming media, as the case of Eva Cadena, the tax collector proved. However, Anaya appears to have graduated with honors, since he first made up alleged threats which were sent to him personally, just to change his story hours later: the threats were sent to him through his personal assistant. A+, with honors and without dissertation, Mr. Ricardo!

Genuine defense of PAN candidates

Genuine support, political correctness, interested defense or a vaccination? What is truly hiding behind the defense messages of the political rivals of conservative National Action Party (PAN) leader, Ricardo Anaya? Those who have always criticized Mr. Ricardo showed yesterday they're ready to take a bullet for their leader. Some PAN members have wondered about the willingness of Margarita Zavala, Rafel Moreno Valle, and Luis Ernesto Derbez to stick their neck out for Anaya who, by the way, isn't accused of anything. A newspaper simply said – with documented evidence – that Anaya and his political family are owners of real estates and companies, and that his estate has increased considerably in the last 14 years. Information which hasn't been denied, mind you. PAN members think that behind the supportive messages there might be other motivations. Such as, they say, political correctness, or perhaps that some have felt pressured due to their close relationship with Anaya. Perhaps the most interesting theory is that someone might have defended someone else to avoid being foisted with an imaginary political coup. And of course, the last and most likely explanation, that it's all about their genuine support towards their respected and esteemed national party leader.

What team is Germán playing for?

Now that we're dealing with the conservative National Action Party (PAN), we're told the distinguished former leader of the PAN, Germán Martínez, wants to be, again, a federal deputy. Mr. Germán, our sources say, agreed to the request of the current party leader, Ricardo Anaya, to participate in the legal defense of the Coahuila elections. But Mr. Germán is also with Margarita Zavala. On the road to the federal deputy position, Martínez seems to have several obstacles: first, he must win the case of the Coahuila elections, which will prove to be no simple task. Then, is a matter of loyalties. Anaya supporters see him as a “Margarito” and Zavala supporters think he is with Anaya. Oh, my!

Meade, unveiled

As this section has informed you before, Luis Videgaray was the first unveiled at the National Palace. The portrait of the chancellor was placed this week in a room of the property, together with all the Secretaries of Treasury and Public Credit – this ministry has its own office in an area of the building located at the Zócalo. And this Thursday, a new portrait will be unveiled: the current chief of national finances, José Antonio Meade, who will occupy a space in the walls of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We're told the painting of Mr. Pepe Toño will be placed in the gallery of the Ministry, where one can find the portraits of all the other individuals who have ever been appointed to such a distinguished charge within the Mexican diplomacy. The ceremony will take place this afternoon in Room Morelos, and 200 guests will be in attendance. For this week's unveiling, we can see Meade is smiling more and appears relaxed. So Meade unveiled Videgaray and, now, Videgaray will unveil Meade. Has he seen himself in 2018, at least in canvas?


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