AMLO will hunt “coyotes”

We're told that many associations and groups, mainly farmers , have begun to panic because they have been told the incoming administration won't give them any resources. They told us that several associations are looking to meet with the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , who has declared there won't be intermediaries in the allocation of resources to farmers , and it will be through the Bansefi that they will deliver federal resources directly to the beneficiaries. So everything indicates that in December, AMLO's government will begin hunting for coyotes .

PEMEX and the problem with presidential salaries

Francisco Guzmán Lazo, PEMEX's Legislative Liaison

, got his boss, Carlos Treviño Medina, in trouble. We're told that Mr. Francisco, an engineer, had the idea of doing an analysis of the impact the Public Servants' Federal Remuneration Law would have in PEMEX's employees , that among other things, prohibits that any other public servant earns more than the President . He concluded that, given that PEMEX has its own remuneration laws, and which is currently guaranteed by the Constitution , PEMEX employees can earn more than the President . The diagnosis carried out by Guzmán Lazo is right, the but is that PEMEX's director never asked for any study and that Guzmán Lazo not only decided to send the study to his boss but to practically distribute it among high-ranking officials. In fact, they claim, the paper goes against what Treviño has said in public, who has said that in regards to salaries, PEMEX workers will stick to the law .

Tense meeting in Jalisco?

Everything is ready for the meeting between the President-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador , and the incoming and outgoing J alisco Governors , Enrique Alfaro and Aristóteles Sandoval. We're told AMLO is traveling from La Paz, Baja California to Guadalajara, Jalisco today, as part of his tour. One of his stops will be the government palace, to meet with both characters in private. The meeting won't be smooth, as Alfaro has rejected the figure of the State Coordinator created by the incoming President , as he prefers a close relationship with the next government. It's widely known that Alfaro has a bad relationship with Carlos Lomelí , the former Morena's candidate to Jalisco and the future AMLO 's administrative coordinator.

Town councilor: I was there during the emergency

It seems like the gas clouds generated by the huachicoleros when they drilled a pipeline in Puebla , it blocked the view and didn't allow some rescue forces to notice the presence of Puebla's mayor, Luis Banc k. Yesterday, we told you that PEMEX workers hadn't seen the mayor during the emergency. The mayor's Communication team says the PAN member was on the site, and that he supervised the operation personally, “the evacuation of the population”, the seizing of the pipeline , and that the media noticed his presence. It smells like gas and quarrels between PEMEX and Puebla's mayor.


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