Amazon to launch food and drinks sales in Mexico

Online shopping is quickly increasing in Mexico

Amazon to launch food and drinks sales in Mexico
The Amazon Mexico website - Photo: Carlos Jasso/REUTERS
English 30/08/2018 13:34 Reuters Mexico City Actualizada 15:47
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Amazon said that it will begin selling food and drinks online in Mexico, including snacks, sweets, and wines, a move that could intensify its competition with Walmart Mexico to claim shoppers in an emergent online market.

Online shopping represents only a fraction of the total retail sales in Mexico but has grown swiftly, setting Amazon and its rivals in a race to increase investments in logistics, technology, and product offerings.

Amazon views food and drinks sales as key to growth, eyeing regular purchases to stock pantries as a way to generate other types of sales, but has yet to dominate this category.

The new items on its Mexican website, which officially launched in 2015, span coffees and teas as well as liquors, wines, and beers, the company said. They also range from cooking ingredients to non-perishable snacks and sweets.

“We’re committed to offering our clients as many products as we can,” Fernando Ramírez, Amazon Mexico’s senior product manager, said in a statement.

In the United States, Amazon has tackled online grocery sales through its $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods Market last year. It now offers two-hour delivery and lets shoppers pick up Amazon products from lockers at Whole Foods stores.

Meanwhile, Walmart is aiming at delivering groceries to more than 40% of US households by the end of the year and is partnering with companies like Uber.


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