Mayor Clara Brugada has pledged to open six inside airplanes in Iztapalapa , one of the poorest and most violent municipalities in Mexico City . The first library-plane was inaugurated a few days ago and cost around MXN $10 million.

Brugada also announced the opening of a ship- in the incoming days because “we known that with culture , especially with , we will improve out social environment but also plant a seed for the future because this will be an incentive for out children to learn that in order to travel, they don’t need money, just their imagination .”

The first Library-Airplane, Flying to Utopia, is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 am to 6 pm. It has 26 computers with internet access and 25,000 online books . It also offers, novels , children’s books , , and online workshops .

After the read the books or finish their research, they will have access to a flight simulator .


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