Adela, the Mexican beer made by women

Adela, made in Cervecería Hércules, will compete in La Copa Cervecera Mitad del Mundo to be held in Ecuador from July 24 to 27

Adela, the Mexican beer made by women
The American Pale Ale “Adela” is made by Mexican women with a passion for beer – Photo: Taken from Adelitas Cerveceras Instagram account
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Adela is a collaborative beer elaborated by women joined by love and passion for beer.

Although they were born as a group of enthusiast women, judges, and sommeliers of beer, Adelitas Cerveceras has as main objective to strengthen the presence of products made with effort, detail and quality, like Adela, an American Pale Ale made in the facilities of Cervecería Hércules, and that is distinguished by the addition of habanero-chocolate pepper.

The entrepreneurship, that compounds the organization of Adelitas Cerveceras and the manufacture of Adela, is also born from the invitation of La Copa Cervecera Mitad del Mundo, that will be held in Ecuador this July 24 to 27, and where Adela will compete for a medal.

Jessica MI, coordinator of Adelitas, indicated that it took weeks of hard work in which many tests were driven with the ingredients, especially with the treatment and addition of the variety of the habanero-chocolate pepper: “it involved a great challenge, we made several tests for many weeks, until we obtained the result we wanted. It’s not easy to find the balance between the ingredients using habanero pepper.” She also added that it was a great experience for this group to have been able to achieve their objective in common of fostering imagination and seeing their effort realized.

The tasting notes of Adela indicate in the nose fruit notes that remember of passion fruit and pineapple, and also of some citrus, like orange. In the mouth, the body is medium, with good carbonation. The taste is pretty balanced between bitter and the sweetness of the malts; light smoked notes are perceived with a slight pungency, coming, clearly, from the habanero-chocolate pepper.

Since in Mexico the habanero pepper is one of the main ingredients in the cuisine of Yucatán, the recommendation of the creators to combine Adela is with traditional meals of Yucatán; we would also recommend a good steak cut.



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