9 facts about Los Pinos

Los Pinos was the official presidential residence until December 1, now it's a museum and cultural center

9 interesting facts about Los Pinos
Los Pinos - Photo: File Photos/EL UNIVERSAL
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Los Pinos is now open to the public! Here are 9 interesting facts about the former presidential residence:

1. After the conquest, in the location were Los Pinos was built, there was a mill where wheat was ground, which was named “Molino del Rey” (The King's Mill) and which belonged to the Spanish monarchy.

2. In 1853, José Pablo Martínez del Río, a Panamanian doctor who belonged to one of the richest families of the 19th century, bought the mill and nearby lands to build a ranch that he later named “La Hormiga”.

3. With the creation of the Paseo de la Reforma, which linked the Chapultepec forest and the Chapultepec castle with the rest of the city, the ranch had in a great location, which benefited the government, who was looking for a venue close to the castle, which then was the presidential residence, so that members of the cabinet could stay there. In 1916, La Hormiga was confiscated by Venustiano Carranza's government.

4. When Lázaro Cárdenas won the presidency, he decided that the Chapultepec castle should be open to the public, therefore, he changed his residency to the ranch La Hormiga, which was later named Los Pinos in honor of an orchard in Tacámbaro, Michoacán, where he met his wife Amalia Solórzano.

5. In was until 1941 when the property was declared as the presidential residence, under Manuel Ávila Camacho's orders. An English villa was built.

6. The former President Miguel Alemán ordered the construction of a second house in a French style. The interiors of the house known as “Miguel Alemán home” were decorated with bronze and marble statues, Czech crystal chandeliers, Talavera accessories, and Sévres porcelain.

7. During Adolfo Ruiz Cortines' presidency, a third home was built, where the “Presidents Hall” is located, where you can find a series of portraits of the former presidents.

8. It's been the home of 13 Mexican presidents, except from Adolfo López Mateos.

9. Los Pinos is 56,000 square meters; 14 times bigger than the White House.


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