22 | OCT | 2019

“The Collector” in hiding

Mexico City
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 “The Collector” in hiding

No one knows where she is, but this las few days she has turned into a ghost. Ms. Eva Cadena - “The Collector”, who has been recorded at least three times receiving loads of cash, in three different videos shown by EL UNIVERSAL - seems to have vanished, and the only piece of news from her was a letter posted on her social networks to let us know she won’t hide behind her political privileges. On April 25th, the MORENA former member asked the Congress of Veracruz to reinstate her as a local legislator and, since then, she occupied her chair again without taking an oath and got all her privileges back. Now we know that Ms. Cadena didn’t attend the summoning of the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Electoral Offenses (FEPADE). Parallel to his, the Attorney’s General Office of Veracruz opened its own investigation based on the third video which shows her “negotiating” legislative matters in exchange for a million pesos. Where is the congresswoman hiding? Will she face the current investigations?

Zavala-Moreno Valle alliance impossible?

Some PAN members are questioning those who think that the rivalry among the Calderón-Zavala marriage, the ex-Governor of Puebla, Rafael Moreno and the party’s President, Ricardo Anaya, in order to decide the presidential candidacy of 2018, could end up in an alliance. We know that a potential partnership between the former President of Mexico and the ex-Governor is close to “impossible” since they both have a long history of disagreements. Firstly, Felipe Calderón won’t forget that the ex-Governor was guilty of not letting Margarita Zavala become a plurinominal deputy in 2015 since it was Mr. Rafael who demanded the, then PAN leader, Gustavo Madero, to move the first lady aside and put the Morenovallism supporter, Eukid Castañón, in her place. And, if this weren’t enough, some say that the declaration of war from Puebla to the Calderón group is still fresh when they suspended the ex-Mayor, Eduardo Rivera, from all his public functions. We were told that these are only two of the many battles that Calderón has held against Moreno Valle. Nevertheless, there’s no more risky word to use in politics than “impossible”.

Colima’s ghost haunts Nayarit

Within the elections frame for Governor to the State of Colima, the National Action Party (PAN) candidate, Jorge Luis Preciado, let an advantage of 10 points slip through his hands against the PRI candidate, Ignacio Peralta, after some compromising conversations with his partner that were spread on the social media. It seems that Colima’s ghost is now haunting Nayarit, since Antonio Echevarría, also from PAN, who widely leads the surveys to Governor, now must face the diffusion of a video in which we can see his own father, ex-Governor, Antonio Echevarría Domínguez, mistreating his teenage son. As of to now, PAN hasn’t come out with a convincing statement and, even if the video has a political impact, the party hasn’t condemned unanimously and fiercely the attitude of the former governor and today inconvenient father of the aspiring candidate to the government of the state, situation that could potentially damage his campaign which seemed to be blossoming.

Minimum wages in Mexico and US

With the idea of participating in a bi-national initiative with Vermont’s Democratic Senator, Bernie Sanders, Legislator, Armando Rios Piter traveled to Washington. What is it about? You will wonder. The idea of the senators is to push a bill to make minimum wages homogeneous in Mexico and the United States. They remind us that Mr. Armando and Mr. Bernie have presented initiatives in their respective countries on the matter, but now there will be a boost on both sides of the border. Of course, the proposal seems good, but Does the so-called Guerrero Jaguar know the differences between the two economies, which allow states like California to pay a worker up to USD $15 an hour?



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