163 Celebration of Mexican Day of the Agronomist

The day was declared amidst the opening of the National School of Agriculture in 1854 in Mexico City

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The day was declared amidst the opening of the National School of Agriculture “San Jacinto” in Mexico City on February 22 1854, with the aim to provide an academic and research space for agricultural sciences. The school intended to develop knowledge leading to a more productive impact in the Mexican countryside in terms of soil preservation and production of edible goods and was the first of its type in the whole of Latin America.

During the years that followed the Mexican Revolution, the National School of Agriculture shifted to Hacienda Chapingo in Texcoco, State of Mexico. In 1974 the school was officially opened as The Autonomous University of Chapingo, becoming the leading agricultural institution in Mexico, which houses the largest library in the field in Latin America, as well as murals by Diego Rivera.

Agronomists bring together a series of natural and earth sciences with the aim of making the best use of plants for human consumption by preserving environmental balance.

Several Mexican agencies and schools have joined the celebration by posting twitter messages, among them, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fisheries and Food Production (SAGARPA), in Oaxaca, has honored agronomists by posting a message in its twitter account, “We acknowledge the efforts undertaken by professionals with a service vocation that strive to make our countryside more productive and cost-effective.”

For its part, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Mexico (FAO) congratulated "...all women and men who devote their lives to agricultural science."


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