President Peña Nieto agrees work meetings with U.S. administration

Work meetings between senior Mexican and U.S. advisers were arranged for next January 25 and 26

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President Enrique Peña Nieto held a phone call with the new U.S. president, Donald Trump, earlier today “with a focus of respect to the sovereignty of both nations and shared responsibility”, according to a statement from the Mexican presidency.

After congratulating his American counterpart on the occasion of Inauguration Day, president Peña expressed Mexico’s willingness to work on an agenda that benefits both countries and emphasized the strategic priority entailed in the bilateral bonds between Mexico and the U.S.

President Peña also expressed his interest in keeping an open dialogue with the new U.S. administration for which work meetings between senior Mexican and U.S. advisers were arranged for next January 25 and 26, when the newly appointed Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs, Luis Videgaray, and the Ministry of Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, will meet with members of the Trump administration to hold high level meetings: “that generate agreements and certainty in several areas such as: trade, immigration and security”.

The Mexican presidency noted that both leaders agreed to meet in the near future and that they both trusted that this new dialogue will result in positive results for both nations.

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