13 | DIC | 2019
Photo: Courtesy of Mexico City’s Public Transport System (STC)

Subway station opens Wrestling Museum in Mexico City

Eduardo Hernández
Mexico City
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Users can appreciate murals with images of legendary wrestlers, as well as memorabilia and wrestling objects showcased throughout Guerrero subway station in Mexico City

Wrestling moves, pirouettes, face masks and everything involved with wrestling in Mexico is exhibited in subway station Guerrero in Mexico City.

This the first theme-based station in the whole of the Public Transport System Network (STC) and is completely decorated with images of the most significant moments of Mexican wrestling “It is very nice, sometimes one passes by without realizing what’s around you because you are thinking of your job. I think it is very good to have some nice distracting elements to make one’s trip more enjoyable; I’m very keen on wrestling and I will definitely bring my son, as he is also a fan”, said  Araceli, an everyday commuter.

Guerrero subway station is one of the busiest in Mexico City. This is why it was chosen to house a photo exhibition, wrestling memorabilia, murals with images of legendary wrestling figures like El Santo – The Saint-, Blue Demon, Huracán Ramírez – Ramirez Hurricane- and Mil Máscaras – A Thousand Masks-, in an effort to honor one the country’s most iconic sports.

Wrestling has become and important part of Mexican culture for the last eighty years. Subway users in Mexico City can now have access to images of emblematic wrestling arenas like Mexico and Coliseum with performances of popular wrestling stars like Perro Aguayo – Aguayo Dog-, El Solitario – The Loner-, Cavernario Galindo – Galindo Caveman-, Black Shadow and Ray Mendoza.

“It is a very cool exhibition, there should be more like these throughout the subway network as sometimes commuting can be very boring and time-consuming. One looks at this exhibition and remembers its culture, it makes your day and yo even want to go to a wrestling match”, says Juan José Piña a resident of State of Mexico and frequent commuter.

Mexico City’s Public Transport System plans to open more theme-based exhibition in throughout its network: “This will be the first theme-based subway station in our network, but we have plans for one dedicated to boxing, acting and Mexican composers, we are now in negotiations with the corresponding bodies”, said Head of the network, Jorge Gaviño.




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