Benny the Asian elephant passes away

Benny the Elephant was rescued from a circus in 2001 and spent the rest of his life in ecological parks in the State of Mexico.

In this EL UNIVERSAL file photo, Benny the elephant is seen at the Ehécatl Ecological Park in the State of Mexico, where he died early Monday morning.
English 27/12/2016 16:06 State of Mexico Correspondents Juan Manuel Barrera and Emilio Fernández Actualizada 16:06

Benny, the Asian elephant who lived at the Ehécatl Ecological Park after being rescued from a circus in 2001, died yesterday due to kidney failure.

The Ecatepec local government released a press statement confirming Benny's death early Monday morning. The cause of death was determined by a team of zoologists from the National Autonomous University of Mexico who performed the autopsy on the elephant.

Mexico's Environmental Prosecutor (Profepa) rescued Benny from a circus in 2001 and placed him in the Zacango Ecological Park in the State of Mexico, where he went on to live for 13 years. Then, in 2014, Benny was transferred to the Ehécatl park where he was later paired with the female Elephant Bireki, who was also rescued from a circus some years ago.

Benny and Bireki lived together for a little over a year under the supervision of specialists who oversaw their health and ensured they received a balanced diet.

Benny was fed over 150 pounds of oats and around 25 pounds of fruit per day, while Bireki ate around 130 pounds of oats and a little under 20 of fruit every day, slightly less than Benny.

In addition to the massive amounts of food they were fed, the pair of megaherbivores received daily preventative medication, supplements and periodic dewormers, as well as physical and obedience training exercises that ensured their care without the need of sedatives, according to Julio César, one of the veterinarians that was responsible for taking care of the elephants. 

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