Digital kisses are now possible

Kiss Messenger, or Kissenger for short, now makes it possible for people to send instant virtual kisses around the world.

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Even though mobile chat services can make long-distance relationships a little easier, showing affection is still basically limited to text, video and voice messages.

However, that's no longer true thanks to a group of researchers from the University of London, who say they've found a solution to this little inconvenience with Kiss Messenger, or Kissenger for short, the first mobile system used to send digital kisses using an accessory that attaches to a smartphone.

The device records the movements of the sender's lips (position, pressure, duration), sends the instructions via the internet and replicates the same movements on the receiver's device.

According to Emma Yann Zhang, one of the creators of the service and a researcher at the University of Londom, Kissenger uses a series of high-precision sensors inside a model that emulate artificial lips.

For the time being, the application is still in its testing stage, but its creators plan on launching a version of the device for iPhones very soon.

“Kissenger can be used by long-distance couples, family members or even as a marketing tool. Imagine, celebrities and pop icons could send a kiss to their fans around the world,” said Zhang on her blog.

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