Illegal drug lab dismantled in Michoacán

Federal soldiers and state police secured a drug lab containing over 5 kilograms of crystal meth, as well as several drums filled with unidentified substances

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English 25/12/2016 13:37 Carlos Arrieta / Corresponsal Gabriel Zamora, Michoacán Actualizada 13:37
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Federal soldiers from the Ministry of Defense (SEDENA) and local police from the Office of Public Security (SSP) dismantled a clandestine drug lab in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora, Michoacán, yesterday.

Authorities informed that the illegal drug lab was discovered during a routine inspection conducted in the Charapendo community, in a joint operation between federal and state security forces.

The inspection resulted in the confiscation of eleven plastic drums containing twenty liters of an unidentified liquid substance each, plus other five plastic drums containing fifteen liters of another unidentified liquid substance, a metal pot with over five kilograms of crystal meth and an additional two plastic drums with over twenty liters of a liquid substance which had apparently been recently mixed with crystal.

A metal condenser was also found at the site and all of the drug and the equipment currently remain at the disposal of the competent authority.

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