“Lady Poinsettia” demands respect for women in Cuernavaca

Self-nicknamed “Lady Poinsettia” walked around Cuernavaca’s main square wearing light clothes, to raise awareness of increasing harassment against women in the state of Morelos

“Lady Poinsettia” poses in front of Cuernavaca’s main square Poinsettia Christmas tree – Photo: Taken from local video
English 24/12/2016 12:52 Justino Miranda / Corresponsal Cuernavaca, Morelos Actualizada 15:09
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A young women wearing light clothes walked around Cuernavaca´s main square or “zocalo”, to raise awareness of increasing harassment against women in her native state of Morelos.

With only her red and blue underwear, “Lady Poinsettia” walked twice around the Poinsettia Christmas tree located in the main square of capital city of Cuernavaca, Morelos, for over five minutes, to protest against the increasing harassment suffered by women by the way these decide to dress. She also acknowledged that her protest was part of a challenge she imposed on her friends.

Self-nicknamed “Lady Poinsettia” stated in a local video that “all women have the right to dress as they see fit, it is very annoying to be harassed by the way of dressing we decide for ourselves every time one walks out on the street or boards a bus”.

“I think that we are free to dress the way we want in the same way that we are free to go out on the street without having to be worrying about somebody offending us in any way. This sort of harassment is quite discomforting”, she added in the video that was later uploaded to her social media so as to “make this sort of harassment stop”.


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