Uruguayan short film about Latinos VS Donald Trump

“M.A.M.O.N.” is a sci-fi short film that explores with black humor and VFX the consequences of Trump´s immigration plan and the construction of a wall on the Mexico- U.S. border

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The Uruguayan production house Aparato released a short film called “M.A.M.O.N.” which shows the outrageous consequences of Donald Trump as president of the United States.

In the satirical sci-fi film “M.A.M.O.N.”(Monitor Against Mexicans Over Nationwide) Latinos of all social classes and professions are deported from the United States when Trump is elected as the new president.

Also, Trump builds the wall on the Mexican border and charges Mexicans for its construction.

Latinos beg "President Trump" to let them return to the U.S., but the president smashes them helped by a robot.

“M.A.M.O.N. is part of the Wecanfxit project, powered by Uruguayan production house Aparato. Our mission is to change the world using our geeky weapons: cinematography, visual effects and CGI. Our motto: Making the world a better place, one pixel at a time.” reads the description of the video. 

You can watch the short film below: 

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