Love wins in NY

Joey Grant proposed to his now fiance Julio Nuño, a Mexican citizen originally from Guadalajara, with a live mariachi band at Penn Station in NY.

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In the midst of all the recent political and social tension in the U.S., model Joey Grant Luther demonstrated that love knows no bounds after proposing at Penn Station with a live mariachi to his now fiance Julio Nuño, a Mexican citizen originally from Guadalajara.

Joey, who was born in Virginia but lives in NY, met Julio at the train station a year and a half ago, and says that he knew he wanted to marry him since that very moment.

“When he walked into Penn Station, I had a five-person Mariachi band playing his favorite song and had him walk down the long staircase of the Penn Station rotunda. Then I got down on one knee and asked if he would marry me as we were both crying tears of joy,” said Grant in an interview with Outbuzz.

Grant said he chose to have a mariachi play because they remind Nuño of his home and family.

Ellie Hall, a reporter with Buzzfeed, was walking through the station at the exact moment the proposal was taking place. She shared several photos of the event on her Twitter account.





In the interview, Grant said that he was not swayed by the results of the presidential elections, he had already been planning to propose for some time, but the results of the election gave the proposal a whole new meaning.

The couples plans to marry before the end of the year and Obama leaves office.

Even though Donald Trump made several anti-LGBT comments throughout his campaign, he recently said that same-sex marriage was irrelevant to his plan, since the matter “has already been decided in the Supreme Court.” 

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