Donald Trump bought US$120,000 trip and dinner with Salma Hayek

Trump bid on a dinner and the donation was made by his foundation, not himself.

(Photo: AP)
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Donald Trump has been very vicious in his attacks against Mexican immigrants, but once he bid for a dinner with actress Salma Hayek, according to

At a 2008 gala hosted by Gucci to benefit Madonna's charity, Trump bid more than US$100,000 for a trip to Paris, earning him press from New York to London. But most of the money he used wasn't his. It came from his foundation, to which he had donated just US$30,000 that year.

According to Buzzfeed, the bid fits a pattern: Trump takes credit for charitable acts to which he in fact gives relatively small sums. Over the years, Trump has made grandiose claims of giving millions in donations while giving little to his own foundation.

"With Trump's winning bid on the vacation, most of the money almost certainly did not come from Trump himself. Tax records from his foundation show that in the preceding years, the foundation had spent virtually all of its money each year. Then, in 2008 — the year Trump won the vacation — he donated US$30,000 to his foundation," said Buzzfeed.

The trip reportedly included a tour of the famed Chataeu Latour vineyard and a meal with Hayek and her husband, the French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, whose family owns the vineyard.

Trump didn't go on the trip, an aide told BuzzFeed News, but said that she did not know what became of the auction prize.