Earthquake shakes Mexico City

The epiceter was located in San Marcos, State of Guerrero.

The 5.6 degree tremor left no visible damages in the Mexican capital. (Photo: Ariel Ojeda).
English 23/11/2015 17:43 Newsroom Mexico City Actualizada 17:43

The National Seismological Service of Mexico reported an earthquake with an adjusted magnitude of 5.6 in Mexico City.

The tremor shook the Mexican capital at 2:41 p.m.0

The head of Civil Protection of Mexico City, Fausto Lugo, reported that no damages have been reported after the earthquake.

 Initially, the SSN had reported a magnitude of 5.8 for the seismic movement originated in San Marcos, Guerrero.  Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera also reported that there are no incidents after the earthquake.