Isabel Miranda has her own info on extortion: Mancera

The Mayor of Mexico City said that he respects her opinion on the case.

'All our love to Mrs. Wallace,' replied Mancera. (Photo: Phenélope Aldaz)
English 19/10/2015 18:29 Phenélope Aldaz Mexico City Actualizada 11:56

"All our love to Mrs. Wallace," expressed Mexico City mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera, during his response to the statements from Isabel Miranda de Wallace, president of the Alto al Secuestro (Stop Kidnappings) organization in regard to the presence of organized crime in the city.

In particular, Miranda de Wallace spoke about the presence of the Zetas cartel in the metropolitan area and how it is extorting businessmen.

When asked about the remarks made by the activist Mancera responded during a press conference that she has her own information on the subject.

"In a manner that is respectful to Mrs. Wallace, her opinion is respectable plain and simple. She has her own information," he said.

When asked if he shared or rejected Miranda de Wallace's accusations, Mancera reiterated "all our affection and respect for Mrs. Wallace comments."

In the morning, Miranda de Wallace expressed that organized crime has forced entrepreneurs in the areas of Condesa and central Mexico City to close their business and take their money to other places.