Remains of Mexicans killed in Egypt arrive in Guadalajara

They arrived from Mexico City.

Family members have asked media to respect their mourning. (Photo: File/EL UNIVERSAL)
English 27/09/2015 23:27 Raúl Torres / Mexico City Actualizada 23:35
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The remains of at least three of the tourists murdered in Egypt on September 13 by the armed forces of the African country arrived in the city of Guadalajara.

Staff of the government of Jalisco confirmed the arrival of the ashes of former federal lawmaker María Elena Cruz Muñoz and of María de Lourdes Fernández on a commercial flight from Mexico City.

Also, the body of Vanessa Ramírez Letechipia, who was buried in the city of Zapopan, arrived on Saturday according to the authorities.

The relatives of the victims have asked media to respect their mourning and asked the government of Jalisco to not accompany them during the arrival of the remains, to maintain the highest levels of discretion.

So far it is not known if the remains of Lilia Gabriela Chávez and musician Rafael Bejarano are already in the city or if they are still in Mexico City.

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