Mexican musician confirmed among those killed in Egypt

His mother is one of the injured tourists, according to his sister.

Gabriela Bejarano reported the death of her brother and said that her mother, who organized the trip, is one of the wounded. (Photo: EFE)
English 14/09/2015 17:24 Mexico City Actualizada 17:38
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A Mexican musician is among those killed by Egyptian security forces, according to the sister of the victim, who also said that her mother was one of the organizers of the ill-fated trip and is currently in a hospital.

Bejarano reported that her brother Rafael died during the attack against the group of tourists near the oasis of Bahariya, according to information provided to her by the tourist guide agency they contracted.

She explained that 15 Mexican tourists were in the group, and they traveled from the city of Guadalajara to Egyptian soil, where they arrived on September 11.

Bejarano added that most of the victims are from Guadalajara, save for a person from Mexico City, one from León and others whose origins she did not know.

In an interview with newscaster Adela Micha, she explained that her mother had been organizing trips to Egypt for the last 10 years and they had never been affected by any violence.

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