Mexico City Zócalo to become a temporary baseball stadium

The event, to take place on June 12, 13 and 14, includes a Home Run Derby and clinics for children.

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Mexico City government and the Mexican Baseball League (LMB for its Spanish acronym), announced a baseball event that will be held on June 12,13 and 14 at the central square known as "Zócalo".

The event includes a Home Run Derby and clinics for children among other activities.

On June 14, four Mexican and four foreign players will compete for the title of the most powerful batter. The first place will win 50,000 pesos that will be donated to the Chocho Foundation, that helps children with cancer.
The Mexican hitters are:
Jorge Cantú - Quintana Roo Tigers
Japhet Amador - Red Devils 
Saúl Soto - Rieleros de Aguascalientes
Refugio Cervantes - Saraperos of Saltillo.
The foreign batters are:
Miguel Tejada - Pericos de Puebla
Rubén Rivera - Olmecas of Tabasco
José Julio Ruiz - Monclova Steelers
Miguel Olivo - Toros de Tijuana
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