The empire of Ricardo Monreal and his family in Zacatecas

The new head of Cuauhtémoc district in Mexico City, along with his wife, daughters and siblings, owns 46 properties in the state.

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The Monreal Ávila family controls­ 1,400 hectares of arable land, four agricultural farms, agro-industrial plants, gas stations and residenti­al estates in Zacatecas.

EL UNIVERSAL obtained 46 certificates of the Public Registry of Property that prove that several members of the Monreal family own properties in three municipalities of the state: Fresnillo, Valparaiso Guadalupe. 

Ricardo Monreal, his wife and two daughters have 19 properties in these municipalities, and 15 properties more are owned by the 13 siblings of the former governor of Zacatecas, who will now head Cuauhtémoc district in Mexico City. 

His siblings - Cándido, Ana María, Ricardo, Eulogio, Rodolfo, Leticia, Elías, David, Claudia, Maria del Refugio, Susana, Jovita, Luis Enrique and Saúl - own properties in Puebla del Palmar (12), Plateros (5), El Refugio (2), 20 de Noviembre (1) Rancho Grande (1), Noria de Linares (1), Fresnillo (1) and Zacatecas (1), apart from houses or urban land in the municipalities of Fresnillo (4), Guadalupe (11) and the state capital (4). 

Ricardo Monreal, a member of the National Regeneration Movement Party (Morena), owns 17 hectares in the ranch Puebla del Palmar, located in the municipality of Fresnillo with a total surface of 126 hectares. His daughter Edna Catalina owns 52 hectares; his brotherDavid Monreal, Senator of the Labor Party (PT), 24; Eulogio, 16, Rodolfo, 12 and Cándido 5.

In an interview David Monreal said that his father, Felipe Huerta Monreal, distributed the 140 hectares among his children as an inheritance in life. 

Also María de Jesús Pérez Guardado, wife of Ricardo Monreal, owns nine properties, among them residences in Lomas de Bernardez, Bonaterra, Calzada Universidad, Conde de Santiago de la Laguna, Pedro Coronel, Zacatecas downtown and Fresnillo.

Ricardo Monreal owns four properties more in Conde de Santiago de la Laguna, Francisco Garcia Salinas, both in the municipality of Guadalupe, a plot in the highway to Valparaiso and two plots more in Puebla del Palmar. 

His daughter Edna Catalina also owns three plots in Puebla de Palmar and a residence in Conde de Santiago Laguna, while her sister María de Jesus also owns a property in this place. 

Humberto Godoy Castañeda, one of the builders that won more contracts during the administration of Ricardo Monreal, is co-owner of another property in Conde de Santiago Laguna. Monreal has said that Godoy won the contracts because he offered the lowest prices. 

A plot used by a dehydrating company called Deshidratadora de Chile San Felipe, on the road to Sombrerete, is owned by David and Cándido Monreal along with María de Jesús Monreal Pérez, daughter of Ricardo Monreal.

The family also owns two gas stations and five agricultural ranches.

In an interview with Radio Fórmula, Monreal said that all the properties were inherited or earned with honesty and that he has nothing to hide. He added that his family is composed of 14 brothers, most of which have adult children.

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