Pedro Friedeberg’s “Finest Mural” pays homage to Corona and Mexico
Corona, the finest beer, will offer Mexicans an exquisite work of art by artist Pedro Friedeberg
UNAM creates digital catalog of Mexican comic books
The digital library seeks to rescue Mexico's comic book characters and popular imaginary from oblivion
Mexico City presents traditional toys exhibition
My Small World will remain open to the public throughout the month in the Polanco neighborhood
Giant Mexican doll 'Lele' travels to Spain and the UK
'Lele,' the artisanal doll from Amealco, will travel to four cities in three continents to promote the state of Querétaro
Top 5 ‘El Santo’ movies to watch with your friends
Today we bring you a list of some of 'El Santo's' most memorable films, plus a drinking game!
Museum of Pulque to open in Mexico City
The National Traditional Pulquerías Association (ANPT) will open the Museum of Pulque on February 8
The pre-Hispanic origins of Mexican “atole”
Originally conceived as a blend of maize and water, the recipe has changed over the years
The origin and meaning of the Three Kings Bread
Today we bring you a list to explain the meaning of some of its most characteristic elements
Evidence reveals Mayan elites lived in Teotihuacán
The discovery confirmed that both cultures were related despite being 800 miles away from each other
The ancient origins of Christmas carols
'Villancicos' or Christmas carols were crucial in promoting Catholicism throughout the continent