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In just two years, the Jalisco cartel has gone from controlling no states in Mexico to now controlling 9, including the highly strategic Tijuana entry point, and the U.S.'s entire west coast.
The Ministry of Navy found 555 drug packages on a boat bearing the flag of Singapur and which was shipped in the port of Buenaventura, Colombia
The Ministry of Navy found 21 drug packages on a boat, after receiving intelligence information assuring a vessel of the organized crime was approaching the Mexican seashore
The couple is accused of trafficking cocaine from Colombia through Central America and Mexico
Federal Police agents found 100 duct-tape wrapped packages containing the drug inside a Volvo truck
Investigators discoverd sales of cocaine to Europe of over 75.6 million dollars, as well as a cartel leader ordering the murder of countless of people from his home in Madrid
The Mexican cartel is flooding Colombia with firearms and slowly replacing Colombia's own cartels in Medellín and Cali
1,300 pounds of cocaine were seized at the Mexico City international airport in June, it was found distributed among eight suitcases on a plane originating in Venezuela.
The drug was detected by Mexican marines.
Two Mexicans and an American were arrested in Auckland and Christchurch.