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Mexico students prompted to experience international education via an alliance by Movimiento STEM Mexico, BE International and UNESCO Center for Peace
Editor Camilo Ayala levels off the ground for young readers in Mexico to feed on something else than social media threads and timelines
A trombone teaming up with a string quartet, playing all the way from the arid corners of a desert in Mexico to the medieval land of Segovia, Spain
Israel Cupich’s Jazz Quartet presented his latest album “La Danza” as part of the first Jazz Series of the Anglo Arts Centre
Swing inspired by Django Reinhart, Billie Holiday, Lester Young and Charlie Parker brought together by Swingfónica
The Anglo Arts Centre in Mexico City welcomes its first Jazz Series with a selection that celebrates the diversity of the capital's jazz scene
The Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA) was the recipient of the IV Edition of the Xochitla Award, for its outstanding efforts in favor of environmental protection and preservation in Mexico
Xochitla Foundation brilliantly shines in a world where the protection of the environment and natural resources remains challenged
The Anglo Arts Centre hosted an evening in honor of Lord Mayor of London, Dr. Andrew Parmley, to celebrate collaboration between the City Music Foundation and the Anglo Arts
Financial ambassador of the UK, Lord Mayor of London, Rt. Hon. Dr. Andrew Parmley completed a three-day tour in Mexico City aimed at promoting a two-way investment between the two countries