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What's in the INE's electoral kit?
Content of the INE voting kit – Taken from @CiroMurayamaINE

What's in the INE's electoral kit?

Gerardo Álvarez
Mexico City
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The INE has begun distributing electoral kits for Mexican citizens voting abroad

The National Electoral Institute (INE) has already begun to send to several countries electoral kits so Mexican citizens abroad are able to vote in the 2018 General Election.

The deadlines for voters to return their kits are as follows:

  • Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand – June 21, 2018
  • Europe, South America and Central America & the Caribbean – June 22, 2018
  • The United States and Canada – June 23, 2018

The package includes:

According to the Mexican state each voter is registered on, the kit includes the corresponding ballots for both local and federal elections.

Note that the Presidential ballot includes the name of former presidential candidate Margarita Zavala and all votes cast for her will be considered spoilt.

Ballots come in different colors depending on whether they correspond to federal or local elections. Once voters have duly filled in all ballots, they will have to place them similarly color-coded envelopes. Note that there is an envelope per every ballot.

All envelopes must be sealed and then placed inside a larger envelope, which is the one voters will have to return to the INE in Mexico, free of charge for voters.

As part of this kit, there is also a brochure explaining what constitutes an electoral crime and how voters abroad can file a complaint from their location.

The kit also includes a leaflet with instructions on how to fill in the ballots, the correct ways to cast a vote on the ballot, and a copy of Section 7 of the General Law on Electoral Instructions and Proceedings to explain how voting from abroad works, as well as a text ensuring the vote of citizens abroad will reach the INE exactly as it was cast.

For voters with registration in Mexico City, the Electoral Institute of Mexico City added another envelope with several brochures, including one with the most relevant information of each candidate running for Mayor of Mexico City.


Vote from abroad

Mexicans living abroad could have a decisive influence in the 2018 General Election since there are 300,000 Mexicans living outside the country
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