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U.S. pork target of Mexico's retaliation tariffs
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U.S. pork target of Mexico's retaliation tariffs

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Mexico's Ministry of Economy has announced a 20% duty on U.S. pork, which accounts for 89.2% of pork products purchased by Mexico

Mexico has officially announced the tariffs – ranging from 15% to 25% – on products coming from the United States, according to Mexico's Ministry of Economy after announcing the measures they would take in retaliation to the metal tariffs imposed by the U.S. Government. 

The Ministry of Economy published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (In Spanish) a varied list of U.S. products subjected to the new tariffs, including a 20% on pork legs and shoulders, apples, cranberries, potatoes, and 20% to 25% duties on several cheese types and Bourbon.

The list also mentions a 15% to 25% tariff on steel products like sheets, plates, rods, pipes, and wire.

In order to compensate for a possible shortage in pork products, Mexico also opened a duty-free quota of 350,000 tonnes for pork imports from other countries, valid until December 31, 2018.

Regarding U.S. pork, the Ministry of Economy claimed that in the last 10 years, pork imports coming from the United States accounted for 89.2% of pork products purchased by Mexico, and that pork imports overall represent 33.3% of domestic consumption.

“In order to avoid an unbalance in the pork market, improve offer levels, and protect consumers, it's necessary to diversify foreign supply options,” stated the Ministry in the Official Gazette.


Mexico hits back on U.S. tariffs

Mexico's retaliatory tariffs target pork legs, apples, grapes, and cheeses, as well as steel
Mexico hits back on U.S. tariffsMexico hits back on U.S. tariffs



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