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Returning the favor for Elba Esther

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Elba Esther Gordillo, former leader of the National Teacher's Union - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Returning the favor for Elba Esther

Those who relate the coalition of the New Alliance Party (PANAL) and their support to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and their aspiring presidential candidate José Antonio Meade with the fact that former leader of Mexico's National Teacher's Union, Elba Esther Gordillo, is today under house arrest and not inside a prison cell or a hospital ward, are waiting to see more facts to prove their theory. We've been told there is no obstacle now to have a meeting with the 59 section secretaries of the Teacher's Union to support Mr. José Antonio. We've been told this event had been initially scheduled for this past weekend but that many of the local leaders still felt it was a serious transgression that Teacher Gordillo was never under house arrest and, therefore, were not sure if they'd attend the event to pledge their support to Meade. Now that their former leader is in her home, this support is possible, although maybe now the PRI's aspiring candidate will not be so eager to want it? Seeing that it could be seen as returning the “favor” he did for The Teacher.

Meade's cheerleader

Yesterday, according to our sources, Ernesto Nemer, leader of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) in the State of Mexico, literally got out of his way to receive José Antonio Meade, the aspiring presidential candidate of the coalition PRI-PVEM-PANAL. Not only was Mr. Ernesto the first to arrive at the event – organized by the PRI to bring the women of the State closer to Meade  – but he also led the cheers in favor of the former Minister of Finance, and Mr. Ernesto even made sure that everything was in order for the arrival of the Governor of the State, Alfredo del Mazo, and the party's national leader, Enrique Ochoa. Nemer sure was quick on the uptake.

AMLO, Sheinbaum and the airport

During a rally before Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), the aspiring candidate to Mayor of Mexico City for the left National Regeneration Party (MORENA), Claudia Sheinbaum, proclaimed she was against the construction of the new Mexico City international airport. She stated they want to take that project away from Mexico City and build it in the State of Mexico, in the lands part of the Texcoco Lake. We've been told several attendants were a bit confused by the criticism of Ms. Claudia since they consider she wants to return the project to Mexico City. The problem is that, according to AMLO's plan, a part of the airport project would be moved to Santa Lucía, in the State of Mexico. Could it be, similarly with their coalition with the Social Encounter Party (PES), that there is a lack of agreement between AMLO and some of his sympathizers?

Independent but not quite transparent

Independent candidates have claimed they are radically different than “the usual politicians” but something remains the same: their lack of transparency and accountability. We've been told the aspiring independent presidential candidates have yet to present their income and expenditure report. According to the report to be presented today before the National Electoral Institute (INE), presided by Lorenzo Córdova, 10 out of 48 independent candidates have, at the very least, registered a single income or expenditure line. This is 20% of the total independent candidates, an increase regarding the previous month. Overall, independent candidates have only registered an income of MXN$5,060,000 and MXN$7.7 million in expenses in over 2 months. Regarding the independent Senators, incomes are equal to MXN$1.4 million and expenses, to MXN$916 thousand.


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