27 | MAY | 2019
Shots of the race – Photo: Luis Cortés/EL UNIVERSAL

Race raises funds for earthquake victims

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Mexico City
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This Sunday, hundreds of people gathered at the Angel of Independence to "run 4 Mexico"

The race “Corro X México” (Running 4 Mexico) took place this Sunday to raise funds to help the victims of last September earthquakes.

Participants signed up previously for one of three categories (a 10-km race, a 5-km race, and a 3-km walk) and after paying the respective fee, they all gathered around the Angel of Independence to run for Mexico and help the reconstruction efforts taking place in several states of the Mexican Republic.

Mexico City's Mayor, Miguel Ángel Mancera, also took part in the event and published on his Twitter account that him, “like thousands of Mexico City inhabitants, would also run for Mexico this Sunday" and that the race was an encouragement to rebuild Mexico City and keep helping the victims.

The total earnings of the races and the walk will be donated to victims in the states of Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos, Chiapas, and Mexico City.


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