Pilots protest affects Aeroméxico operations

Pilots protest over the dismissal of a colleague; 14 flights have been delayed and 14 more, canceled
Taken from Twitter account @hectorpablo_
Sara Cantera
Mexico City
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A protest from pilots of Mexican airline Areoméxico has impacted several flights at the International Airport of Mexico City.

Pursuant to the information available, several pilots didn't show up for their respective flights as a protest over the dismissal of one of their Areoméxico Connect colleagues, who, according to a statement released by the company, was fired for bad conduct.

The pilots are also protesting a bill which intends to increase flight hours from 90 to 100 per month, which, according to the pilots, could increase their fatigue and impact on flight safety.

This law proposal also seeks to allow foreign pilots to fly domestic flights, as the currently valid legislation only permits Mexican pilots to fly on Mexican sky.

Thus far, the following 14 Areoméxico flight have been delayed:

AM902 MEX-MTY; AM519 MEX-VSA; AM170 MEX-TIJ; AM100 MEX-GDL; AM408 MEX-JFK; AM2532/2533 MEX-SLP; AM2062/2063  MEX-CEN; AM2528/2529 MEX-MTT;  AM0900 MEX-MTY; AM2440/2441 MEX-CPE; AM0256/0255  MEX-CME;  AM2642/2643 MEX-ZCL;  AM2046/2047 MEX-OAX; AM0164 MEX-BJX.

And the 14 below, canceled:

AM2632/2633 MEX-AGU; AM0200/0201 MEX-TRC; AM2046/2047 MEX-OAX; AM2410/2411 MEX-TAM; AM2084/2085 MEX-VER; AM2420/2421 MEX-MAM; AM2460/2461 MEX-QRO; AM2496/2497 MEX-REX; AM140/140 MEX-PVR; AM902/915 MEX-MTY; AM100/225 MEX-GDL; AM519/508 MEX-MID; AM589/590 MEX-CUN; AM170/185 MEX-TIJ.

The company said they are “providing the necessary assistance to protect their clients" and "working on returning their operations back to normal.”


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