Opportunity for Mexican cheeses at the World Cup

National sales of mozzarella cheese are expected to increase during the World Cup, due to pizza consumption
Opportunity for Mexican cheeses at the World Cup
Mozzarella cheese is one of the most requested by the food service, which mainly supplies imported products - Photo: Héctor Arjona/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Mexican cheese industry has an opportunity to grow now that tariffs were imposed on American products, in addition to a higher cheese consumption during the 2018 World Cup in Mexico.

In a statement, the head of marketing of Lyncott, Eduardo Madrazo, said that the brand has already registered requests for new customers in the food service channel for the supply of this type of products as a consequence of the commercial measure.

According to the dairy company, the increase in the consumption of pizza during the celebration of the World Cup that will culminate on July 15, will be 34 servings per person. Its main ingredient, mozzarella cheese, is one of the most requested by restaurant suppliers.

He stressed that Mexico is positioned as the second largest consumer of pizza in the world, just behind the United States, which represents a national demand of 120 million pizzas per year through its commercialization in more than 30 thousand establishments and whose sector presents an annual growth of 12%, according to data on Food, Beverages and Supplies for Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Catering in Mexico and Latin America (ABASTUR).

According to international Euromonitor, 80% of cheese sales in Mexico are made through the retail and food service channels. While, in the specific case of the latter, the most consumed products are mozzarella and Oaxaca, since up to 80% of foods prepared in food establishments contain some of these ingredients for their properties in terms of taste, texture, humidity and elasticity that facilitate the traditional finish to this dish, he said.

"Mozzarella cheese is one of the most requested by the food service, which mainly supplies imported products, so, given the current commercial landscape, the national product has great opportunities in this market which is one of the main consumers of mature cheeses of this type ", considered the spokesman of Lyncott.

He explained that in August of 2017, mozzarella cheese exceeded by 60% the level of sales obtained during the same month of 2016, and this year it is expected that the numbers grow positive due to the demand for product during the Soccer World Cup, among other factors.

In this regard, the Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism in Small (CANACOPE, SERVYTUR) of Mexico City, estimated that during the month of the World Cup, an economic income of more than 2,500 million pesos will be registered only in the capital of the country.


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