NBA to create training academy in Mexico City

It will be the seventh NBA training academy in the world
Photo: File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Ariel Velázquez
Mexico City
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The visit of the National Basketball Association (NBA) Commissioner Adam Silver last January to Mexico, prepared the ground for the creation of a training academy in the country. The NBA training academy will be used as a location for male and female prospects from Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean under the supervision and global standards of the league.

On December 7 and 9, the NBA will feature the Brooklyn Nets playing regular-season games against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat in Mexico City, being the 25th and 26th games in the country since 1992.

During the games, the NBA will announce the new basketball development and training academy in Mexico City in conjunction with CONADE (Mexico's National Commission for Physical Culture and Sport) and the Mexican Basketball Federation.

"For the commissioner, Mexico is a priority. We are exploring options for the [commissioner] to come to our country's games," said Raúl Zárraga, NBA Mexico's Managing Director.

The academy in Mexico City, named the NBA Academy Latin America, will be the seventh of the NBA in the world joining those in China, India, Senegal, and Australia.

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