Mexico sets Guinness Record largest robotics class

The record was achieved at the Talent Land 2018 science and technology event in Guadalajara, Jalisco
Photo: Taken from Francisco Ayón's twitter account
Guadalajara, Jalisco
Angelica Atzin García, envoy
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With the participation of 971 young people from elementary, middle and high school in the country, this Thursday the Guinness record with the largest mobile robotics class in the world was registered, programming 300 Makeblock robots.

This was achieved at the Talent Land 2018 science and technology event, which concludes this Friday in this city.

The class was taught by the director of logical-mathematical thinking and coordinator of the robotics programs of the Ministry of Education of Jalisco, Guillermo Rivera, and the Makeblock engineer, Noel Marcial Vázquez. The event was attended by the representative of Guinness World Records in Latin America, Carlos Tapias Rojas.

In addition to the main speakers, the event had dozens of professors specializing in robotics who supported those present for the development of the robots. Groups of four young people were organized, who had to program the machine to travel a distance; they had a computer to program it and basic tools to operate.

Francisco Ayón, Minister of Education in Jalisco thanked both parents and robotics instructors for their support in the Robomath Challenge via Twitter:
"I can only thank the children, parents, and instructors at the #RobomathChallenge for today's valuable achievement: the Guinness World Record (@GWR) to the largest robotics class in the world." 

Francisco Ayón (center), Education Minister in the State of Jalisco, holds the Guinness World Record for the World's Largest Robotics Class at Talent Land 2018 - Photo: Taken from Francisco Ayón's twitter account
The young participants came from an approximate of 40 basic education schools from different cities of the Mexican Republic.
Carlos Tapia reported that the Guinness Record of the largest class of robotics belonged to Colombia with 880 students, held in 2015. "Mexico is officially amazing," he said.

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