Mexican artist Paola Delfín exhibits her work in China

Her mural embellishes the Dragon Tiger Mountain, Jiangxi
Paola Delfín - Photo: Taken from: Mexico's Ministry of Culture website
Mexico City
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Mexican artist Paola Delfín portrayed a girl floating on a river in the Dragon Tiger Mountain, a tourist place in the Chinese province of Jiangxi, as part of a project that brought together artists from different parts of the world.

One of the conditions to participate was to capture some of the aspects in the region, thus Paola Delfín decided to create a depiction of the river in the middle of the mountains in her mural.

In her paintings, the artist portrays a series of themes, yet she has created a signature style, defined by a realistic cut and mixed technique, in which the feminine figure predominates.


Her talent and hard work have led her to spread her work in North and South AmericaEurope, and Asia.

Paola Delfin assures that being an independent artist has allowed her to choose her projects, most of them characterized by her strong social commitment since she believes that through her creations she shares a unique message.


In the future, the young artist plans to venture into sculpture, in order to continue creating.


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