Mazatlán spends millions in aquarium to improve bad image

The proposal of the new aquarium includes exhibitions and shows, and a wider variety of species
Noé Cruz Serrano
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Claiming that organized crime is damaging the image of Mazatlán, the government of the state of Sinaloa and the local municipality are gathering an investment of 129 millions of USD to build a first-world aquarium to “attract tourism.”

In 2019, Mazatlán will have a new aquarium whose architecture will be a unique and public space for visitors to enjoy.

“It exceeds the expectations of any other [aquarium] at a national level, which is why its construction will be vital in providing Mazatlán the touristic boost it needs to develop its economic potential,” adds the cost-benefit analysis of the concept project Mazatlán Aquarium, prepared b the consulting company EHDD Architecture.

Due to its water capacity, the Mazatlán Aquarium would be among the top ten largest aquariums in the world, sharing fifth place with TurkuaZoo, in Turkey – both with 5 millions of liters in capacity.

The Government of the state claims in a document that the image of Mazatlán “has been damaged in recent years at a national and international level by organized crime and crime tabloids in mass media,” therefore, the local government has decided to improve its image and promote the tourist attractions of Mazatlán, seeking an increase in tourism, income, and, thus, improving the economic and social development of the municipality.

The analysis establishes that Mazatlán is a tourist destination with several elements and resources whose “touristic offer is currently at a standstill” due to a lack of innovation, despite its growing number of visitors.

As a solution to the above, the Mazatlán Aquarium proposes offering exhibitions and seasonal aquatic shows and attractions.

The project itself is intended to be built next to the current aquarium, in an area known as Central Park Mazatlán, reason why it is considered more of an expansion; likewise, the current aquarium facilities will be remodeled and transformed into the research area of the new Mazatlán Aquarium.

The aquarium is planned to house a wide variety of species which will provide an enriching experience on underwater life to visitors.


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