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Margarita sets the record straight

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Margarita sets the record straight
Independent candidate Margarita Zavala - File photo/EL UNIVERSAL
Mexico City
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Margarita sets the record straight

Margarita Zavala got quite upset on the elevator of the Club de Industriales (private entrepreneurs' club) when she saw a poster which called for a debate on April 24 among the campaign leaders of presidential candidates and she didn't see the name of her coordinator, Fausto Barajas. With her pen, the independent candidate fixed the poster...and, oh my! Hours later, that same Monday night, the organizers arranged for a new invitation to be placed and this time made sure to list the representatives of the presidential candidates: Tatiana Clouthier, on behalf of Andrés Manuel López Obrador; Jorge Castañeda, on behalf of Ricardo Anaya; Aurelio Nuño, on behalf of José Antonio Meade, and Mr. Fausto Barajas, on behalf of Margarita Zavala. Will the organizers have to include now the campaign leader of Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, whose name was virtually written on the ballot by a resolution of the Federal Court?

Are the Monreal the Mexican Kennedy's?

What a quip that one of the presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO), during a rally in Zacatecas, the turf of the Monreal family. We're told that Mr. Andrés Manuel made a reference to the political families and he compared the Monreal family with the Kennedy's of the United States. López Obrador made them the compliment during a walk through Zacatecan soil while accompanied by the brothers Ricardo, David, and Saúl Monreal – who Mr. AMLO praised for their political operation during the second stage of the elections. However, we're told that in the three political events which took place in Jerez, Fresnillo, and Guadalupe, they didn't have the response they expected from the people and AMLO failed to draw a crowd.

The PEMEX CEO and his eco-friendly car

Yesterday the one who parked his vehicle all the way inside the gardens of Los Pinos was the current CEO of state-owned oil company PEMEX, Carlos Treviño. But this is no common car, it's a small electric vehicle. The car is a necessity because Mr. Carlos has spent almost a month with an immobilized leg due to an ankle surgery, caused by a sports accident. The PEMEX CEO went to the official residence to appear on a press conference with the spokesman of the Federal Government, Eduardo Sánchez, to talk about the current situation of PEMEX. Ironically, the head of Mexico's oil company has been forced to use, for the moment being, a 100 percent electric vehicle.

The peacekeeping senator

The one who seems cut out to be an ambassador is the Chihuahua Senator Patricio Martínez, of the center-right Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). We're not saying that Mr. Patricio is seeking a new job abroad but yesterday, our sources say he displayed true diplomatic grace. Given the interventions of Senator Martha Tagle (not a member of a political party) and Senator Ernesto Ruffo (of the conservative National Action Party) – who qualified the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice to reinstate the Judicial Branch in Chihuahua – the former Governor of the state sent a message to the current Governor, Javier Corral (PAN). “We should advocate for the peace in the state, we have to support the state of Chihuahua. And I come here not to talk ill about Governor Corral, I come here to talk to you, to asks you to support Governor Corral; but also, to ask Governor Corral to accept our support.”


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