26 | MAY | 2019
For a long-lasting change
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For a long-lasting change

Mexico City
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Given our current situation, the political class and the private sector need to implement joint actions to fight Mexico's deep-rooted problems, such as corruption and insecurity

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Our country is one in which, every six years, those aspiring to the Presidency intend to reinvent it. The lack of a common, long-term project, containing the demands of several social groups, aiming to solve the most pressing shared needs is evident in the short-term vision of the overall Mexican political class.

However, in a democracy politicians aren't the only ones responsible for solving the main issues of a nation – the active and organized participation of civil society groups, as well as that of the private sector, is also required. It's not only healthy but necessary to have an agreement between political decisions and the vision and proposals of the political players to legitimize and strengthen the performance of our institutions.

Our current situation has made it a must, particularly, for the private sector and all levels of government to implement joint actions to fight the deep-rooted problems in Mexico, such as insecurity and corruption. Otherwise, the private sector and the political class will continue going their own separate ways to the detriment of the future of the country.

That is the opinion of Valentín Diez Morodo, a businessman with a long trajectory in our country, during an interview with EL UNIVERSAL. Mr. Diez adds that the new Mexican president – to be elected this July 1st – has to clearly define what we're doing and where are we going, as a country. This reflection doesn't intend only to make us think on the path we want for Mexico but also to reintegrate those who have been sidelined from its development.

The lesson is clear: no one can, on their own means, achieve development and prosperity for all. The need to find these shared goals is one of the symbols of our current times. Businesspeople and politicians need to reach agreements just like civil society organizations, the different churches, the armed forces, and the media. Understanding is key if we want to build an egalitarian, free, and just nation.

All efforts, deep down, must be focused on consolidating a cultural change according to the times we're living in. If corruption has indeed percolated our everyday life, then it's necessary to specify the terms of the new social contract aiming to define the rules needed to make a course correction and achieve a democracy grounded on strong principles.

Mexico doesn't need to reinvent itself again, it needs to be rebuilt from the foundations so this time we can have a long-lasting change.


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